Rambling 3 am Updates

Ugh, ugh, ugh. It's 2:30 am and I am wide freaking awake because... Prednisone. WTF? Why is this the year of steroids??? 

Let me back up a bit. 

The weekend after my fun published essay excitement was my extended prep for my screening colonoscopy. So I celebrated with mugs of chicken broth, Gatorade, and jello. Mmmm. There procedure was 3:30 on Monday, so I had almost three days of no real food. I went in, and big surprise... the IV process was a nightmare. I swear my veins were never great, but it feels like IVF just blew them all. The first attempt went right through.

The second, after at least 15 minutes, many open-and-closed fists, and heat packs, ended up in my left bicep. With a pediatric catheter because tiny veins. This proved problematic as the sedation then didn't work well and was delayed, but I think because I was the last procedure of the day, and IV prep delayed things, they just full steamed ahead. So I FELT EVERYTHING. It was a bit traumatic. Also they removed a large polyp which was thankfully benign. What sucked was I woke up in terrible pain the next day and had to call in. I couldn't bend over. I spent the day in bed.  I was convinced I was bleeding out and something was horribly wrong, but when I called they said, "that can happen with extended prep" which filled me with fury because had I known I would have taken two days and actually had a sub. I ended up out for THREE. WTF.

So that sucked. 

Then, fun thing... Colored my hair vibrantly:

I am a sugar plum fairy, dammit

Then I got sick with a cold over the Thanksgiving break. 

Then, visit with my former student from the year the world shut down and she was in foster care, we had a day of fun to celebrate her 16th birthday of bookshop, food, and animal rescues. 

And finally, this past week my knee blew up. 

I left school on Friday in a wheelchair, for what is embarrassingly the umpteenth time. I'm going to put a bumper sticker on it. My left knee and ankle swelled up like mad and my knee was very unstable and painful, and I had shooting pain down my leg from the back of my hip. It started Wednesday when I had weird weakness in my left leg at Pilates, then continued into Thursday with swelling and pain that increased into the evening and then went positively catastrophic Friday. Could not stand on it. Was swelling visibly at an alarming rate. Thank goodness for jeans with stretch.

The science teacher I coteach with drove me to urgent care and Bryce met me there, a friend drive my car home, people covered for me. My new principal kept checking to make sure I was actually leaving. Most of my students were offering to get me ice or call the nurse or making bids to push be in the wheelchair. I felt very supported and loved. 

But, x-rays showed significant degeneration in the arthritis in my knee (I had a catastrophic knee injury when I was 16 that resulted in a horrible surgery at 17 that has haunted me ever since). They were like, you have sciatica, but also there's a lot going on here and we're giving you pain meds, an immobilizer, crutches, Prednisone, and a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. YAY. My appointment is Tuesday. My knee is still swollen (thankfully not my ankle anymore, and a blood clot was ruled out) and painful and the Prednisone has me all riddled with insomnia. Good times. 

They saved us an extra long booth at our favorite Mexican restaurant yesterday so we could still go.

MAGNET. Of MISFORTUNE. Wish me luck, I am afraid this is going to be a doozy. Also, I really hope I can sleep at some point. I really, really hate Prednisone.


  1. First, thank God they ruled out a blood clot! Secondly, I am so glad they saved you an extra long booth at the Mexican restaurant. :)

    Well dang, Jess, I am sorry!! Maybe put your favorite sticker on the wheelchair, thereby ensuring you will never need it again. (I'm playing Murphy's Law here. Surely if you commit to using your favorite sticker on the wheelchair, then you are guaranteeing you won't use it again, right? Isn't that how things go?)

    Here's to hoping you get some answers and stay pain-free. <3

    Super cool about the 16th birthday celebration! That sounds like fun!! Thanks for doing that. Everyone deserves to feel important.

    1. I'm in a better place now, thank goodness. More mobile and flexible brace, no wheelchair, one crutch. The birthday celebration was wonderful, navigating that mentor-y relationship and feeling real sad about the realities of life for my student who I believe was failed by the foster care system is tough, but it is always worth it to spend time, be a positive influence, let her know she is worth celebrating and worthy of a good future, and hopefully be a protective factor.

  2. OMG....WTF....JFC! That's a whole heckuva lot going on, Jess. I'm gonna lead with day of fun with former student, and then just say, TAKE CARE. I hope Tuesday's news is as good as can be, and that good sleep finds you soon.

    1. HAHAHAHA, "JFC" took me a hot minute! :) The day of fun was great. I worry about my former student, but feel so lucky to be able to maintain that relationship and hope that it will make a difference and maybe be a protective factor that helps her to break the cycles she's immersed in. It makes me real sad but also very lucky to be able to be a person in her life that loves and supports her.
      PS I finally slept! Yay

  3. Oh no, Jess, that all SUCKS! (Except for the sugar plum fairy hair, which is dynamite! Mwah mwah!) Not sleeping on top of everything you're dealing with, is horrible! But how like you to think of you your former student and celebrate her birthday. And so glad you have supportive friends and principal to help you through this. Sending very gentle hugs.

    1. Oh thank you! I love the plum fairy hair. It shows up best when I blow it out, but it makes me happy every time I see it. Not sleeping is the worst. I am feeling much better now and will post an update on my knee plan, but I am happy to say that I am feeling better and in a much less aggressive brace. Huzzah

  4. Boo to pains and not sleeping. May that all begone quick.
    Yay to celebrations!
    Yay to the hair! Looking mighty fine.
    Take gentle care.

    1. That sounded like poetry! Thank you! Got to take the celebrations where I can since my body is just crapping the bed lately. :) Thanks friend!