In Defense of Fake Trees

I never thought we would be Fake Tree People.

I grew up going out and picking out a tree from a lot, tying it to the roof or in the trunk of the car. 

Bryce grew up in Maine, and real trees were everything. 

But when we resolved without children, we eventually got a fake tree. A 7 foot tall prelit beauty. At first it felt weird.

But then, it was...AWESOME. 

We could put it up and take it down with ease. There was no handling sap (it gives me hives). No vacuuming a neverending parade of pine needles. No worrying that the cats would drink the water and get sick. No worrying that it was a fire hazard. No dragging it out to the woods in January. 

And also, no picking out a tree out among families. No feeling like we're doing something we would have done with our children. 

It's nice to break with tradition and make new ones when you remake your life. This tree fits us and our life now. And it's beautiful.

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  1. Your tree is beautiful! I've mostly had fake trees. Twice, when I was a kid, we got a real tree and I thought it was pretty cool. Then after the holidays, my parents planted it in the front yard. I always liked knowing the two trees in our yard were our Xmas trees. But I had no idea they required maintenance and precautions while indoors ... My fake tree suits me just fine. :)

  2. Your tree is lovely! We also have a fake tree, though I grew up with real ones (usually chopped from a nearby tree! lol). We've had it since 1989, survived two cats (who lived for 17 and 18 years respectively but were surprisingly well behaved), and it is still going strong. I hope to have it until we die!

  3. Merry Christmas!
    Your tree is beautiful, as is all your decor.
    We too have had a fake tree for the past several years. I am not ready to call myself a "fake tree person," as I like to think we will have a real tree again sometime....and the experience of choosing it. However, I prefer the idea of a real tree to the reality, so every Christmas, there is some excuse to just put up the fake tree, lol. Oh well. It's about doing what makes you happy, and learning to be happy with what you can do....and having less clean-up makes me happy, among other things.

  4. I sense that very early in my life (before my memories locked) there were real trees. The first tree I remember was fake. A silver affair. There was one of those color wheel lights to add even more mystique and glimmer.

    A couple of times as an adult there were real trees but otherwise fake all the way, right down to pine-scented accessories.

    I love your tree, the entire scene, lovely.

    Merry Christmas to you and Bryce.

  5. Gorgeous! I love real trees, but we're always away at Christmastime & I feel like it's just too much of a risk to leave one up while we're gone. My parents used to have a real tree (unless we were away at my grandparents' house, when they were alive), but had to get a fake one about 20 years ago when my mom's sinuses started blocking up right after my dad brought theirs in. (She thinks they sprayed the tree with something that didn't agree with her.) That was the end of real trees for our family, but they have some pretty nice fake ones these days (as you have demonstrated here!) -- certainly much better than the original one my parents had back in the 1970s, which looked like a bunch of bottle brushes stuck together, lol. Hope you had a great Christmas!