End With a Bang

I made it! The last day of school with students was yesterday, and now it's meetings and organizing and cleaning and paperwork Andy then BAM! Summer. 

It was literally BAM! summer yesterday... It was almost 90 degrees and about a thousand percent humidity. It was disgustingly sweaty (no air-conditioning). My tie-dye t-shirt stained my armpit blue (oddly, just one of them). Two of the split air conditioning units in the library behind, turning the main entrance into a waterfall and soaking the carpet (but luckily no books). The kids had a fun last day of movies and crafts and food, and then we waved them off outside as the skies darkened ominously behind us. 

A thunderstorm rolled in that was so violent it was bananas... There were sheets of water (can't even call it rain) and the wind was incredible-- it was like a brief hurricane.  

What it was was a microburst. It took out so many trees and power lines,  blocking roads and crushing houses and cars in driveways. 

But we had the 8th Grade Luau, the final send-off for a class that had most of their middle school experience interrupted, so many things cancelled, so this was not going to be cancelled too. Despite sirens everywhere and no power to the school, we still cheered on the students as they arrived and pointed them to the gym where the PTSA had set up games and food and then they could pelt the principal with water balloons on the way out. It was surreal, but also an appropriate end to a bonkers pandemic year. 

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy to hear that this very difficult and demanding school year has ended. And what an ending it was! That rain sounds crazy!!

  2. The Bangs are always interesting. Hard and bringing abrupt change, but the calm afterwards is a chance to heal and reassess. Have been thinking of you as you navigate all of this hard. May this summer is a peaceful one filled with healing.

  3. Yay, you made it!!! Congratulations. Pat yourself on the back. Have a drink. Eat chocolate. SLEEEEEEEP!

    Your last day does sound completely bonkers. Bonkers is the new normal, right?! lol

    And now it's summer - breathe! Relax and enjoy, and don't put pressure on yourself to do anything you don't want to or need to do. Hugs.

  4. Omg crazy insane ending to the year! Glad the grade 8 celebration went well in any case.

    We had a power outage on the last day with students, too, second last period. Totally random out of the blue. Everybody kept their shit together though. I read ghost stories to my second last class and one of my students brought donuts to the last class (I was impressed he didn’t eat them before they got to us.)

    Have some thoroughly deserved rest, and hopefully the next school year is a little more…..predictable!

  5. BAM! bananas, and bonkers. So long, 2020-2021 school year.

    Now, you rest.