Not Murder Camp After All

We went on vacation! The last time we left town was February 2020, to Vermont to meet up with Bryce's mom and stepdad. This time, we went to Vermont on the way to meet up with Bryce's mom and stepdad. 

The first part of our trip was 3 nights at Cobbs Camps in Pierce Pond, north of Rangeley in the mountains. I was soooo nervous about it because it's pretty rustic, there's a generator that's on only a few hours a day and otherwise no electricity, and no WiFi, internet, or cell service for 27 miles. I was jokingly calling it Murder Camp beforehand and imagining all the ways I could end up in an emergency with no way to call to help. Good times, anxiety.

It was actually fantastic -- to have utter darkness (stars galore!), to have just water and loons and hiking and lichen... so beautiful. And super COVID-conscious, masks in the dining area, sanitize before you enter, but everything else was outside or in your own cabin. And they did great with making the food gluten free for me!

Bryce's parents have been wanting us to go there forever, it's their special spot (they've been going at least 21 years), and I have to say we'd love to go again. But with our own cabin this time (we had no choice due to the timing of things this year, we were lucky they could swap their 2-person cabin for a 2-bedroom cabin at such short notice). A little more privacy is the only thing that would have made it better. 

One thing that was nerve-wracking -- THEY WAITED UNTIL I GOT THERE TO TELL ME ABOUT THE BEAR DUMP. Yes, "bear dump," as in a compost pile of food scraps way behind the cabins for the bears to eat so they don't come closer to the cabin area itself. I didn't see any bears, or moose, but the idea that they were chowing down close by was a little unnerving! 

I think that's as close to camping as I'll get for now. I love me a toilet and shower I don't have to walk to outside (when the bears are marauding), and a nice crisp bed. 

And no murderers. 

The logging road in to the dock where they ferry you over

Cabin #5

The dock at twilight, that was a great place to sit and read (and then see the Milky Way when it got dark)

A bit of cove on a rainy day

Love that rain hat. He looks like a gunslinger or something.

Happy feet on the boat!


My buddy sunning himself on the porch

Near the top of Cobb's Knoll


Insane lichen that looked like snow


  1. Sounds awesome! I love wilderness (but access to a shower and toilet is nice, agreed!)

    We were looking at "glamping" this year but all the spots were booked up in about 5 minutes (all the non-glamping spots too...the only camping we did was in our friends' parents' acreage. lol.)

    The "bear dump" sound very dodgy to me. Feeding bears is huge no-no anywhere in the Canadian West I've travelled. The idea is to never get them accustomed to human garbage/food, as this leads to bear/human encounters and aggression and relocating/killing the bear. This is the first time I've heard of anyone feeding on purpose.

  2. Oh, how lovely! I love love love the night sky, and so that dock would have been perfect. But yes to privacy, and double yes to bathroom inside, especially if there are bears out there, to go along with the ever present murderers that lurk in any dark place! lol

  3. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures with us!!

  4. This looks fantastic! I'd love to read and quilt and relax there. And stare at the Milky Way.

  5. Looks and sounds like a wonderful treat -- even with the snake. The night sky seals it. (although the bear dump sounds a bit scary!)

  6. You lost me at bears. The photos are gorgeous.