I Have the Power!

I am so stinking proud of myself. 

On Sunday, I was going through my shameful (but small, I am improving!) mail pile, and there it was. 


I don't know when they decided that I was old enough to have a child in college or going off to college, but sometime in the past year or so I started getting offers for "My student." At first I thought it was for me, like if I wanted to go back for another degree or something, but nope. MY STUDENT was clearly meant to be MY CHILD. 

Until Sunday, I passive-aggressively ripped them up and recycled them, and let a little fury burn in my belly each time they arrived.

But yesterday, I had a revelation -- I don't have to see this completely irrelevant mail in my mailbox! I have the power to call and cancel that mailing! 

I felt a little silly for not having done it sooner, because it was so easy. 

I simply said, "please take me off your student loan offer mailing list. I don't have children and I'm never going to use this service." 

BOOM. Done. Next up: the stupid coupon envelopes I get since I moved that say, "Best Deals for Moms" but are everyday things like bedding, pillows, clothing, THINGS ANY HUMAN WOULD NEED. Gonna snag it before I toss it in the recycling, get the unsubscribe (don't recall ever subscribing) info, and BUH-BYEEE. 

It feels lovely to take control. 

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  1. Way to call your own shots and use your voice.

    Get those bedding coupons but get off those lists!

  2. Good work! How annoying to get targeted advertising when you're not even in the demographic, but good for you for taking the initiative to call and unsubscribe. I love it when we have the power to shape our experience.

  3. Good for you! Taking control is great. And you'll feel as if you've tidied your life too. Brava!