Women's Day Fail

Bryce thanks everybody for the commiseration over the ridiculous icebreaker at work. While i read him the comments, he said, "did I tell you what they did for International Women's Day?" 

Oh good gracious. Nope, he did not.

Bryce couldn't remember if it was a repost on LinkedIn, or in a company email, but the statement "Happy Women's Day" was superimposed over the WORST image EVER. 

Can you guess? 

Three smiling women in suits, all hugely pregnant, bellies touching. 

What the everloving flippity-flap?

First, it's WOMEN'S Day. Not Mother's Day. Not all women are mothers. Not all mothers experience pregnancy. And those who do are pregnant for such a tiny percentage of their lives as women.

Second, you could have highlighted women leaders, you could have shown women doing a variety of things, but instead you reduced women to ONE ROLE ONLY. Yes, you may be VP of Engineering, but look at you gestating a tiny human! That's your real real big job and accomplishment. Vomit, vomit, barfbarfbarf.

How stupidly trivializing and un-inclusive of the company. Gross. 

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  1. Oh, good grief! That's absolutely awful. Disgusting, in fact. Even even when I was briefly, happily, pregnant (or if I'd been a mother), I would have hated that. Being reduced to that one role was why I didn't openly talk about my pregnancy losses at work. It was hard enough being a woman and a non-engineer in an engineering company. Sheesh! I share your vomitous (not a word but it should be) sentiments!

  2. AAHHHHHHH! That's actually really gross.

    Regardless of parental status, I would be wildly offended at "mother" being the image used for a WORKPLACE setting. What on earth does being pregnant/being a parent have to do with celebrating the various roles of women in life? And especially at work, the ONLY thing I wanted to see is celebrating leadership or ability or progress in equality.