COVID Updates

You know that saying, "we're in this together?" Well, Bryce and I sure are, because yesterday he also tested positive. Good news, now we can see each other again, bad news...we both have COVID. Luckily Bryce's case seems pretty mild, so far. Today he said, "I'll take this over a cold, I'm sorry to say." 

He's sorry to say because I am a disaster. I am nebulizing multiple times per day and STILL struggling to breathe. I'm on the benzo pearls (which don't touch the cough). I'm guzzling Gatorade, after discovering that Pedialyte is absolutely repugnant. (Bryce likes it though, which is great, because it made me gag.) I'm a couple days into Paxlovid. 

Oh, Paxlovid. Fun fact -- it makes your mouth absolutely disgusting. Everything tastes bitter and like you're sucking on a rock made of copper. Hot Tamales apparently help, so now I'm going to have cavities AND COVID. Ha. I also find that ginger anything masks it. It's horrific when you wake up. Imagine morning breath, x100000. I am pleased though that the other symptoms that were awful -- awful headache, body aches, fever -- are pretty much gone. I still get chills though and I am super duper tired. I got winded getting our Hello Fresh package from the front door. I had to stop twice going up the stairs to catch my breath. 

If the breathing doesn't get better I have to get back in touch with my doctor and get put on a Prednisone taper regimen. Gross. I absolutely hate Prednisone. The good news is that it won't be anywhere near the amount I had with my eye issue in 2017, so I should avoid having a breakdown this time. Ha. Ha. 

Otherwise, I'm sleeping, popping in on my work computer too much, reading, watching TV, and doing puzzles while I nebulize. I have to make it entertaining somehow! I am catching up on The Handmaid's Tale (new episode today!). 

I am seriously hoping that I will be able to come back to work on Monday. I was real proud of myself for calling in for the whole week instead of a bit at a time, but now I am hoping that this week is all I need. I have a bit of a squirrelly group (I feel like I say that every year) and apparently they are terrorizing the subs. Which, because LOTS of people are sick, many with COVID, has been a different sub each day and even each period. Not great. 

I am eternally grateful that I don't have to be primary care for anyone else right now. I am not grateful for parenthood not working out, but in times like these I am very much at peace with having no children to take care of while feeling this way! 

SOOOO attractive! I can pretend it's the world's worst hookah.

First COVID puzzle, I got to do it twice because the cat got startled and knocked it on the floor when it was 5/6 done. 

PS - I typed this on my laptop, so there will be no more hilarious and naughty typos! 


  1. That puzzle is beautiful!! Congrats on completing it twice!

    And you look pretty darn good for being so sick! <3 Hopefully, you are feeling better now. I know the pressure to go back to work can be strong, but pretty please don't push it/rush it. I want you to be well before you return to the demands of your job. Keep taking good care of yourself!! Hope Bryce is feeling well too!

  2. Oh, Jess, it sounds horrid. Thank goodness you chose self-care so you can focus on you. Do you think you'll be going back to work tomorrow? Remember to take the long view, lol.

    P.S. I was hoping for another naughty typo.

  3. My dear, you really don't sound well enough to be back at work this week! I'm sorry it all sucks so much. Also, "boo, bad cat!"

    Sending hugs and warm wishes and hopes that you get better quickly.

  4. That sounds rough. I hope you'll both be feeling better soon!

  5. Finally on my way out of this! I'm happy to say that I didn't go back to work this week, I had a telemedicine appointment on Monday and was planning to go back Tuesday... And my doctor was like NO WAY, here's a letter writing you out for the week. No work for you. And here is some Prednisone, which is working! I am also happy to report that my chest x-ray was normal and free of unpleasantness. So, up and up!

    1. I am very happy to read a good update! Keep up the good resting!! <3