Attack of the COVID

Remember when I had a very faint line and a mild case of COVID in July? Well, that is about 1/1000 of the case I've got now. Booooo, hissss. 

Friday I felt fine, just a little wheezy (my asthma always kicks up in the fall). Saturday I woke up and felt crappy, achy, chills, headache. I was supposed to go visit with my sister who was in town, so I tested. Negative. Thankfully, I felt crappy enough to cancel because I honestly didn't feel comfortable driving. I went downhill fast.

I thought I had an early flu case. I got a fever, my lungs continued to decline, my joints and muscles were on fire, I couldn't stay awake. The chills had me shivering and teeth chattering. Bryce set up the downstairs bedroom on the off chance it was COVID. 

Aaaaand, Sunday morning when I retested, it lit up immediately. Like before the control line. Bright dark blue. Boom. SO glad I didn't go up, my parents are flying to Ireland. Not the parting gift they'd want.

Holy hell this is awful. I'm better today, fever broke, but my hips and knees are so angry and I can't stay upright for long. I'm eternally grateful that the headache has lessened... It was so bad Saturday and Sunday that I could not read. I. COULD. NOT. READ! I also had no appetite, which for me is a sure sign of illness. This girl can eat in the weirdest of circumstances! It's a little better now.  I sound like a dinosaur when I cough and I can stay upright for maybe an hour (improvement).

So, uh, watch out for the COVID. Just because the government says the pandemic is over doesn't mean it's done with us.

Want to read nude #Microblog Mondays? Go here and enjoy! 


  1. Oh no!!! Jess, I am so sorry. I'm glad your fever broke. Hopefully, you are on the mend now! And I'm glad you didn't risk visiting your sister or parents.

    On a less serious note, did you mean to write the word "nude"? I have no idea what "nude #Microblog Mondays" refers to... Hahaha.

    1. Oh good gracious. My phone is constantly getting me into trouble! It was supposed to read "more." I don't ever use the word "nude" on purpose!

      This is rough. Had telemed visit and start paxlovid tonight. My lungs are a mess. My asthma is very well controlled... Until I get sick. So that sucks. I went ahead and called in for the week, not going to onesie twosie it. Self care for the win.

    2. "More" microblog Mondays makes more sense. Hahaha, I hope that gave you a good laugh. It entertained me. <3

      Good call on calling in for the week! I know that is so hard to do as a teacher. So hard to do. But you also know it's what's best in the long-run. I hear you don't want to rush back to full activity right away after this virus anyway. So keep resting. I'm sorry you're sick. <3 <3

  2. Oh noooooo!! I'm so sorry, too, Jess!! (You KNOW it's bad when you can't read!! -- yikes!!) Glad you listened to your intuition and stayed home, and I hope you are feeling a whole lot better very soon!

    (LOL at Phoenix's comment above!)

  3. I'm sorry you got it. I'm glad you're on the mend. Just because the government says its over . . . yep. Feel better soon(er.)

  4. I am so sorry you're going through that! It sounds freakin' awful.

  5. Oh no, Jess. That sucks! I'm glad you've got Paxlovid - hope it helps and you feel better really soon. And can get back to eating and reading, two of life's essential activities! lol Though I am delighted that it hasn't affected your brilliant writing or sense of humour! As IP said, take care of yourself, and don't rush back to work too early, because your work is not something you can do at 50%. Taking it slightly easier will pay off in the long run.

  6. Ughhhhh.....I hope by now you are feeling much better and COVID has exited the building. I see your beautiful pink lungs returning to their pre-COVID selves. And that your books are again being read.