Friday was a milestone day -- Bryce had his Research Review Milestone Meeting for his PhD, which is basically presenting the work he's done and what's left to do to his committee. It's the last formal thing before his dissertation defense, which is slated for October. 

Not surprising, but HE ROCKED IT. Bryce had one of his committee members say, "'re a physicist, right?" and he thought for a moment and said, "YES. Yes I am a physicist." I think that was one of the high points for him! That and the fact that he has met his publications goals thus far and has two in Optics Letters, which is for novel and urgent discoveries/work. The second was just published within the month. 

Bryce started his PhD when we were starting adoption, in 2015. His PhD is over 7 years going (he's part time because he works full time) -- seven years of gestation! It's very strange to think that had we adopted successfully, we'd have a child between five and seven. Which, sidebar, explains the promotional materials from Highlights Magazine I keep getting in the mail and depositing straight into the recycling bin -- I am grateful that is the only thing like that I still get. It didn't make sense to me at first, because with IVF we'd have a 9 or 10 year old given the timing of our losses, but adoption timing fits. 

Regardless, I am super proud of Bryce and the milestones he keeps achieving towards this goal, towards this labor of love (and a shit-ton of hard work) that is finally coming to fruition. He is one smart cookie. It's nice when you work and work and sacrifice and it results in a tangible achievement, ha. One more milestone left! 

Bryce's Research Review Encouragement Card

I make a card for each milestone exam/presentation and hand-stamp terms from whatever publication or work is most recent. Lately I've included a graph from his research -- the last one looked like a purple butterfly, I think this one looks like a mustache (my symmetry needs work). The orange and black are his university's colors. He's got a small collection of these at this point! 

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  1. That's incredible! Congratulations to Bryce!! School for seven straight years sounds like a marathon... Except longer. Wayyy longer. I'm so glad he rocked it. I'm so glad he got that validation.

    I love your encouragement card. :)

  2. Well done, Bryce! Wow. I love the "Yes. Yes I am a physicist" realisation. What validation for him. And the card. It is brilliant. What an unbeatable team the two of you are!

  3. Way to go, Bryce! I love the way you two support and cheer for each other. So awesome that not only is Bryce super smart, but also that he is super diligent and persistent. Clapping and cheering from here!