Happy Holidays in Pictures

 Ahhhh, holiday break is here! It was one of those breaks that comes up suddenly with Christmas Eve on a Friday and so it feels a bit like workworkworkworkBOOM! Christmas! But, so far it's been lovely, mostly relaxed, and cozy. And not one bit sad. Literally, did not have a single moment where I felt melancholy over not having tiny humans at the holidays, and even survived the veritable flood of families in pajamas by the tree on Facebook. Progress. 

Here is our holiday in pictures: 

1) Holiday Card: 

Unclear why the print is so tiny on the back. Photos from Boothbay Harbor, our neighbor's outdoor wedding this September, and kitties at home. 

2) Living room with tree and stockings (and Eggi) on Christmas Eve morning while I enjoy my first day of no alarm clock. 

3) Christmas Eve coffee in the mug my friend gave me that Bryce keeps threatening to steal: 

4) Christmas Eve photo post-yummy-wine (hence crazy eyes), and Christmas morning photo all relaxed and in pjs on the other side of the fireplace. 

5) Remember how things at school have been challenging? Well here is a gift from a student, that was taped shut and said MERRY CHRISTMAS MRS T and DON'T OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS written on the front, and this is what it said inside which made me feel so much better about everything: 

6) Speaking of "book vendor," this is my stack from Bryce this year -- not a ONE of them bought from Amazon, all ordered and bought from our favorite local independent bookshop, The Dog Eared Book. There is SO MUCH GOOD READING coming my way. 

7) Christmas Day dinner fire and Bryce's Boulevardier (a negroni but with bourbon instead of gin). 

8) Another great mug, this one from Bryce -- HOW DO THEY KNOW ME SO WELL ON ETSY? 

9) Christmas cats with hats (Eggi stole a pom-pom hat from the Christmas bin when we were decorating and so Bryce's mom knit them mini hats of their own which may or may not feature into next year's card...tee hee)

Happy holidays from our home to yours, and here's hoping for a peaceful and healthy rest of the week leading into the New Year. 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! May much merriness and brightness be yours!

  2. Oh wow, is that your living room?? I could live in that room alone. I love it!

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. Your books! Your cats! The note from your student!!

    Wishing you all the peace and healthy rest as we wind down 2021. Congrats to you! Congrats to all of us! <3

    1. Oh yes, this was a big part of what sold us on the house. Bryce was like, "Imagine this room in winter, snow falling outside...it will feel like we're in Vermont somewhere!" (We have maybe an unhealthy obsession with Vermont). We spend most of our time in that room.

      Woo hoo, congrats to all of us indeed -- we made it! Peace and healthy rest to you too, and warm holiday wishes galore.

  3. OMG -- I LOVE your Christmas card and all the pix of your warm and inviting home. Your carpet motif is beautiful. My husband, too, is into Boulevardiers, so if/when we meet, one of them can serve us.

    I first thought the student note said you were a superior person, but I see that was jut my bad eyesight. You ARE a superior AND a supportive person!

  4. I need to send my dh across the lake to take present lessons from Bryce. ;) What a great pile of reading -- I spot "84 Charing Cross Road" at the top -- one of my favourites! Love all your other photos too! Glad you had such a great Christmas! <3