Fourteen years! Tomorrow marks 14 years of marriage, which is bananas. We love Halloween, which is why our ceremony anniversary falls on that holiday. 

We have been celebrating it up this week, since our "legal" anniversary was earlier last week. 

We get each other little prizes throughout the month, mostly decorations for the house (but also books for me and bat underwear for him, ha ha). We have an absolute BLAST decorating inside and out: 

Harold, with my prize book "The Witches of New York."

We changed the location of our cemetery, this is my favorite!

Ghouls above the graves and ghosts

My snake skeleton in the garden

Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BAT LIGHT (and seriously dead plants)

We have a lot of fun with it. And we don't even have kids who trick or treat in our neighborhood -- the driveways are long and dark and it's two dead ends with not a lot of houses, so it's not super efficient even if there were young kids here (which there are not). The cemetery, Harold (lit so he can be seen from the street), and the bat light -- it's all for us. 

Then, Bryce made me a prize for the cemetery: 

He even made the stencil for the lettering himself. That's love.

To celebrate our Hallowedding Anniversary, we went out to a fancy dinner on Saturday. I'd wanted pictures in the cemetery in our finery at twilight, but we misjudged time and so had to do it after, at night. Bryce had the inspired idea to park his car in the garden area to light it, which made for some seriously creepy photos that I adore: 

Christine... if the demon car was a Mini

I wanted us to look like a ghost picture, but I think Bryce had trouble with "serious face."

And here is my favorite, where I haunt the cemetery: 

If our neighbors were looking out their windows or anything, they would have thought we were bonkers. But we don't care -- it is fun, it's OUR fun, and we get to be our own kids in a way. 

This is the 7th anniversary where we knew we would never have children (the first was a very raw 2017). We have had as many anniversaries living with that reality as we had where we thought perhaps there were babies in our future. That's a pretty cool milestone, actually. 

So, happy 14th wedding anniversary to us! Behold, a "normal" picture of our wedded bliss. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I love love love the way you have made Halloween your own. The cemetery and the skeleton are awesome. So too the bat light with the dead plants! Maybe one day I can be there to see them all. (I was in the US once just before Halloween - the decorations everywhere, even at the toll booths on the highways, were very cool.)

    1. Thank you! Oh it's a wonderful time to visit, so festive and the weather tends to be pleasant, not too frigid and not too hot, and most of the time no bugs. That would be wonderful!

      I think we decorate more for Halloween than Christmas! I feel like every year it's a bit more everywhere else, too. Fun fun!

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary!!! Your home is so great. YOU are so great. You are fun and creative and totally rocking your CNBC life. Thank you for sharing your healing and growth so honestly. To many, many more happy and healthy years together for you and Bryce!! <3

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your Halloween fun and celebrations sound awesome.

  4. Happy Hallowversary to you both! I love how you get to be your own children. And this will now be in my head the rest of the day: "Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BAT LIGHT!"