A Rough Transition

Well, I did not expect over a month to go by without a post. Eeesh. 

The transition back to school has been ROUGH. I always forget how tired I am the first month of school, but this year was exponential exhaustion. There is absolutely nothing that could have prepared me for the insane pace and activity that is teaching middle school. I thought with my PT and my return to movement and Pilates that I was in GREAT shape to come back and be raring to go. I walked 2.5 miles the day before I went back to school, and I felt amazing! Going up a hill did not hurt at all! I was like, I am ready. Bring it on. 


The first week of school was insanely humid and in the mid-90s, and we don't have air conditioning. Cue the swelling. I forgot that my floors are hardwood and carpet, and school floors are...concrete. I'd been elevating throughout the day, and that just wasn't practically possible. I came home every day completely exhausted, with elephantitis of the leg from the knee down to my ankle, which looked like a softball by the time the day was over. It was all I could do to just get home, lie on a couch, and recover. 

The weather improved, but it wasn't until today that I felt like my knee and leg were finally back on the up and up. It was so frustrating. 

So, I've been pretty boring. The second week of September was World Childless Week, and I wrote two pieces and participated in a Loss Ceremony that I ended up having to do from my classroom. It was powerful, and beautiful, and I underestimated how much of my defenses it would dissolve. 

WCW 2023: Our Stories

WCW 2023: Moving Forwards

Loss Ceremony

Go check everything out if you haven't already, all of the events and pieces are up for you, whenever you want to explore. 

I am finally turning a corner with school, and feeling like it no longer takes all my energy to just get through the day. The great news is that other than my leg (which I swear is heavier than it was before), everything is pretty amazing. My students are so much fun, sweet and willing to take risks. They need a lot of support, but they are delightful. And I'm teaching my favorite things, and having a blast. 

I'm just really really tired and dissolve into a pile of goo when I get home. It's good to be back, though! I'm going to catch up on commenting and reading. I've really missed this space. 


  1. You've been missed! (Though I have also been AWOL, but for less traumatic/exhausting reasons.) I'm off to read your pieces for WCW.

    It feels wrong that a job that you love should make you dissolve into a pile of goo every evening. (Hope your knee/leg is coping with the change in workload now.) Our work lives are so screwed up that this is acceptable or even expected - I hope you're back into the groove again soon.

  2. Oh! Of course!! The floors!! That's another thing I hadn't thought of when it comes to recovering from knee (or hip surgery)--the kinds of floors that people stand on. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    I've been boring too. So, so exhausted. Utterly depleted. Barely functioning. And I'm not teaching or recovering from surgery!

    So just keep taking care of yourself. Be gooey when you get home. You won't feel this way forever. And I'm glad you've got an enjoyable group of students. <3

  3. We have missed you, too! That concrete sounds challenging even for people who hadn't had limbs rearranged just a few months ago.

    Sounds like you have the ingredients for a great year with your students and with the subjects you're teaching. Like IP says, keep taking care of yourself :-)