Well, I was out sick all (short) week, and used up literally ALL of my home tests and had a PCR, and I am negative, negative, negative! Huzzah! Thank you for all the crossables! 

Still feel like crap though and my lungs are involved, so not sure what other respiratory ilk I inhaled but I am COVID free. 

I hate the home tests. They make me sneeze every single time, and watching for a second line never got less icky. For once though, I was happy to just have the one control line! 

I think the tree pollen is not helping, either. CLOUDS of it went by this morning, and our black deck furniture is currently sporting green polka dots. 

It is crazy to think there are only 11 days of school left with kids, and 14 total until it is summer. Can't miss any more!


  1. So glad you tested negative but hoping you feel better really soon!!! My allergies are horrible this year, worse than anything I remember. I don't feel well and it's also affecting my mood a bit. Oh well. I'm trying to enjoy all of the blooming trees and flowers I'm seeing. Almost summer! Yay!!!

  2. Yay to the negative tests. Boo to feeling like crap and respiratory issues. But the worries of covid and long covid etc can be discounted in this respect. I'm pleased about that. Sorry about the pollen - allergies suck. And happy countdown to the summer!

  3. So glad it's negative! But ick on the pollen. So rough this year here, too. I'm with you on home tests. Icky in quite a few ways.