March 17

Five years ago I went to the eye clinic in the hospital, got a diagnosis of scleritis, and underwent a battery of tests because of scary comorbidities that thankfully I didn't have. 

See scary eyeball amongst festive St Patrick's Day attire?

Five years ago today is the start of the end of our parenting journey. It is the beginning of the end that took place from March to May -- from autoimmune flare to donating a nursery. 

But then, with the grief... Relief. So it's a funny anniversary. There's sadness, but also letting go of the pursuit of something that literally turned my body against me. And without that, I would not have my beautiful life today. 

I am not grateful for the scleritis, for the loss, for the pain. But I am grateful to have survived it, to be thriving in a life I really couldn't have imagined back then.


  1. Five years. Already? It doesn't seem that long ago. But then, it does, because you've come so far, and you've taught so many (through this blog and your previous one, not just in your job) so much so quickly!!! I'm always so impressed by you, Jess. Perfectly said.

  2. Happy 5th Rebirthday!

    Celebrating you and your Great Reclamation.

  3. I agree. With grief can come relief. Well said.

    And, looks aren't the point, but you are so pretty even with scleritis!

  4. These dates sure stick in our minds, don't they? (Five years, wow!) I am so glad you're in a better place today -- and that you've stuck around to share it with us! <3

  5. Happy funny anniversary. I'm glad you've survived it all too and grateful you've chosen to post this journal your journey.