Everlasting Snowdrops

I love snowdrops, those early spring bulbs that are some of the first to bloom and offer hope that spring is coming. They often push right through snow. Inevitably, there's a big snowfall that crushes and buries them, but they always pop back up, often stronger than before. 

Snowdrops are an ultimate symbol of resilience. Of surviving all that life can throw at you and thriving in spite of it.

I've been planning on a snowdrop tattoo for a while. My phoenix and butterflies are 3.5 years old, so I thought it was time. Here is the image I've been saving in my Pinterest:

Credit Sofia @ dragontattooyou.site

And here is the image on my inner left ankle:

Right after I got it last week, that's not red ink. It's my sad abraded skin. 

Today! The red is fading, albeit slowly. It will be all black and gray when it fully heals.

I love it so much. Thank you, Pyramid Arts Tattoo! Snowdrops, everlasting.

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  1. I love it! I'm not into tattoos for myself, but I'm always fascinated in those who are. I love the individuality and creativity you can show. Snowdrops as the ultimate survivors - wonderful.

  2. Cool! Tattoos are not something I personally want, but I find your choices and reasons for them interesting and beautiful.

  3. Surviving and thriving! So beautiful and meaningful, Jess.

    (When I imaging a tattoo on my inner ankle, I think "ow!" But I imagine that anywhere I might put a tattoo.)

  4. Thank you for sharing! I've heard of snowdrops and I've seen snowdrops, but I never connected what I'd heard of to what I'd seen. Now I have a bigger appreciation for them. They are resilient for sure! And I love your black and gray tattoo.