Spring Updates

The pollen is trying to kill me. I love spring, and have been spending time outside and working in the garden, and I get so distracted by the chartreuse and lime and copper of the budding trees and the pinks and whites and yellows of the dogwoods and the magnolias and cherries that I fear I'll have a car accident on my way in to work. It's just so beautiful. But it's also coating my faulty lungs and making me lethargic. 

My magnolia in a sea of greens

Daffodils in bloom

Backlit daffodils in one of my hill gardens that's coming alive with all my future flowers

My hard work vine slaying, trying to free the shrubberies from strangulation. Also that white bottle is groundhog repellent, hungry jerk decapitated a bunch of my bleeding hearts.

Emmy is working out! She is freaking adorable, and she and Lucky are buddies. Not snuggling together (yet), but playing and chasing and sitting within a foot of each other. We are definitely adopting her for good and we are so excited that she and Lucky are having fun together and it's working out as we'd hoped! 

Pretty girl with the chameleon tail

Pensive, favorite spot (different day)

They both had to be in the window while I brushed my teeth! 

Awwwww, as close as they've ever been on the bed

I am the best cat bed apparently (must be the fuzzy blanket)

Last, we redid the deck in late March and it is my favorite space. We set up a reading/stargazing spot, and we'll have a dining set by May (forgot we needed furniture, whoops), and we are so looking forward to when we can have people over safely. It's a gorgeous spot and I have grand plans for planters that are also benches and trailing flowers. Summer, I will be ready for you! 


Lucky is a fan and he's old enough that I can catch him if he tries to flee into the wilderness (but he just wants to soak up the sun)

These pictures are helping me so much, because I had a hard day of feeling depleted and anxious and now I see such wonderful, hopeful things to look forward to and enjoy, which is lovely. 

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  1. Oh I love this. I love magnolias, and last spring felt that I was getting very boring exclaiming at the colours every time I saw a tree! lol

    Yay to Emmy fitting in. I love the photo of the two of them on the bed. It reminded me of Cleo and Gershwin (Cleo was black and white, and Gershwin was tabby and white) - they rarely snuggled after they were kittens, but happily shared the bed!

    And that deck looks fabulous! I want to be there with you having a drink. One day maybe.

  2. Oh man, can I come over?? :)

    Seriously, that deck is awesome and inviting! I am looking forward to summer for you!!

    I'm so glad Emmy is working out. She really is pretty. I love all of your pictures and I love that your pictures are helping you feel better. It's been such a tough time. I agree that there are things to look forward to and enjoy! <3

  3. There's just something about you and space. You make wherever you are so inviting and cozy. Count me among those who want to come walk your yard, see your kitties (which would, sadly, do the same to me that pollen does to you), and hang out with you on your new patio deck.

  4. Dh & I have both been sneezing more this past week... there is a green haze on the trees around our building, so I guess it's that time of year! Bring on the Claritin! lol Your deck looks fabulous, and it looks like there's plenty of room for a dining set there too. Enjoy! :)